Rotary International Foundation Annual Contributions – $100 Every Rotarian, Every Year

RI_logoAs you know, all members are encouraged to “Donate $100 Every Year” to the Rotary International (RI) Foundation. RI initially invests the money for a period of 3-years. After 3-years, RI uses the interest earned to run RI. Then 50% of the original contribution comes back to our Rotary District for our use in Grants, Ambassadorial Scholarships, and other District programs. The remaining 50% of the original contribution goes towards RI’s international humanitarian efforts, including Polio Plus and Clean Water. Once a member has donated a total of $1000, accrued over time, they are acknowledged with a Paul Harris Recognition. A Rotarian is considered a “sustaining member” if they consistently make a donation on a yearly basis. The separate money collected from the Polio Bee Hives and Polio Pigs supports RI’s Polio Plus program to help eliminate Polio from the world. If you would like additional information about making a donation, please contact Harry Mazujian.

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